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The Project

Initial phase

We were initially given two years (2006-2008) to produce a gazetteer of historic parks and gardens in the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Our starting point was a study of historical maps and we were surprised to discover over 200 sites of potential interest. Given the time constraints of the first phase of the project, we then decided we would visit fifty per cent of these sites.

By the end of this phase, the number of designed landscapes grew from the initial base of 3 to 230. These sites included mediaeval deer parks, domestic orchards, landscape parks and Victorian gardens, grottoes and follies.

The results were incorporated into a database and a printed summary of findings was also produced. Click here to view the report (Note this is nearly 13MB in size). Printed copies were deposited with NYCC, HBC and the Nidderdale AONB. Our work relating to Nidderdale has also contributed to the Parks and Gardens UK database, which is available at the Parks and Gardens UK website.

Nutwith Cote House

The discovery of the farm at Nutwith Cote, adjacent to Hackfall between Ripon and Masham, led us to undertake some more detailed research on this intriguing site. A short booklet covering the history of Nutwith Cote and a self-guided walk leaflet around Nutwith Cote were produced.

Copies of “The Story of Nutwith Cote” are available for purchase at Tourist Information Centre at Pateley Bridge and at Masham Community Office. The walk leaflet is also available free of charge from the same offices, alternatively a pdf copy can be downloaded by from this web site.
Please visit the Publications link on the left of this page for information on how to obtain these.

Continuing research

In this second phase, we have visited the remainder of the sites identified in the previous study. A further 20 locations have been identified during this process, and a small number reclassified or even eliminated where no surviving evidence was found on the ground or in historic documents. At the conclusion of this process, the sites now number 250.

A second report has been drafted, listing these changes and additions (click this link).

Following the completion of the second phase of research, detailed follow up studies were done at specific sites including some in Bewerley, Pateley Bridge and at Grantley Hall.

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